Lost in Space

These classmates are lost to us since we have no information about their current whereabouts or status. If you are on this list or know someone who is, please send any and all info to Pat Smith.

Mary Lou Bell
Vicki Bellville
Christian Bendixen
Charles Brown
Charlene Bybee
Dick Byers
Tom Byg
John Chilcott
Janet Davis Rice
Pam Davis Petrie
David Donley
Karen Dunham Wilder
Dave Ellis
John Fate
Pam Finney Boyer
Maria Gonzalez
Sharon Grubb
Kendall Hale
Sheri Hall
Jim Harrison
Judy Henry Balvuccio
Sue Hinson Adkins
Terry Johnson
Ron Jones
Abby Jordan Hyde
Pamela Knipe
Kenneth Koehl
Randy Krebs
Bob Larkin
Charles Lawson
John Lytle
Cathy McClintock McCoy
Kathy McComb Hardy
Pat Meeker
Bob Moore
Nancy Moore Crowthers
Dan Morgan
Sebe Morgan
Barb Morse Dutcher
Sally Neff
Peter Nielsen
Mike O’Brien
Lon Pearson
Becky Pierce Smith
Kester Rinehart
Linda Roberts
Patricia Schilling Anderson
Carol Smith
Mike Stansberry
Marsha Summerford Poundstone
Barb Tanner Potts
Linda Waring Duncomb
Charles Weber
John Wilson
Harold Wood
Janis Yoder